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Welcome to my programming corner on the Internet. You can find here basic informations on my work, cv, interests and some code examples.

I'm focused on programming applications backend i.e. client-server, protocols, database and middleware level. Oriented to open source technologies, I'm playing with several languages (C, C++, Java, Perl, PHP and recently Python), databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite), operating systems (Linux, FreeBSD) and APIs (languages standard libraries, POSIX, Qt, POCO, Apache, ...). Mathematical education leads me to explore some topics on data structures, graphs and applied algorithms. In every day work I'm dealing with big amounts of data, so my intention is (beside that the applications work correct) to write clean code, easy to maintain and change, with no side-effects.

In the CV section you can find information on my work experience, projects that I worked on, and used technologies. If you have some work to be done, you can check Services section and see if some of my skills are suitable to you. Then you can contact me via Contact form. In the Code section you can find some programming stuff that I've found useful when experimenting with various technologies.



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Return-code vs. Exception handling

This is one of those "religous wars" in programming language theory; return code handling (RCH) vs exception handling (EH). Firstly, I am biased. Secondly, I will try to remain objective as well, partitioning observations of code using these mechanism from how I feel this reflects on the utility of either mechanism.

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C++ Type Traits

Generic programming - that is, writing code that works with any data type meeting a set of requirements - has become the method of choice for delivering reusable code. However, there are times in generic programming when generic just isn't good enough - sometimes the differences between types are too great for an efficient generic implementation. This is when the traits technique becomes important.

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The Design of C++0x

Once or twice a day, I get e-mail suggesting improvements to C++. Many suggestions are good in the sense that if one became part of the language or the Standard Library, it would make life easier for a large number of programmers.

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